Why Mika’s world?

Finding it boring? I was going to call this blog my ‘Sex and the city’ version of London life. But then my friend pointed out that I missing the key ingredient..

* * *

What can I say, my life is not filled with random Tinder/Bumble/Hppn dates. Comment on those: Yes, I know what they are as I constantly resist to people’s urges to set me up on one of them.

No judgement here. Two of my best friends here are marrying the love of their lives this year and they met exactly there.

So there is hope!

And it would probably be an entertaining spin onto this therapy site…

But back to the topic, as this is a rant none is interested in. (Or are you?!)

Because I called it ‘Mika’s world’ (and no, I’m not a narcissist), you will read about people in my life. People who inspire (or annoy) me. If you find your name here I’m not responsible for which brackets you go to. You are.

Enough jokes.

If you are reading this, I hope you will find this either entertaining or inspiring. Or annoying as I believe in karma.

But mostly, I believe you will find this a good commute/lunchtime/gym-exercising/street walking reading. Please watch out for the lamp posts out there.




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