Mika & the City

He said: Nothing is set in stone.

I said: Fine.

And then off I went, heartbroken.


Few things you should know about me:

1) I never wanted to move here.

Well, I think that should cover the basis. It wasn’t my decision, it just sort of happened.

I came here to lick my wounds and heal my heart. Did I do either of those things…? You’ll find out if you keep reading.

If you come here for a visit, you see the city. It shows and reveals the busy-ness, the rush, the madness of everyday commuters. Things are happening. ALL THE TIME. It’s looks amazing no matter where you came from. (Unless you are a small town girl at heart, then it can cause a bit of anxiety.)

If you live here, you can feel the city. The city in its old powerful beauty gives off this vibrant energy, a sence of excitement. Sense of belonging to be part of this amazing capital…

Who would have thought you can be surrounded by 8 million people and still feel incredibly lonely. The sense of belonging starts with ‘location’ tag on social media, and also ends there. People are isolated in their own little bubbles, staring at their phones while walking/running/gym-exercising/commuting/… Isolated with headphones so people don’t talk to them. I wonder how many of them don’t actually listen to anything, they just observe uninterrupted?

If you live here smell the city. And no, for all the pessimists out there, it’s not the pollution I’m talking about (although also very serious issue, you can read a bit from my friends here). Or the trash in the streets or the drains.

It’s the smell of adventure. What is out there, waiting for you (me) in this big island capital called London.


P.s. If you are still wondering whether I healed my wounds, that’s a story for another day!



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