Mika & her back-up plan

It’s no secret (at least not anymore) that I’m a single Londoner, living not-so-much of a Sex & the city life. I have ZERO cats which makes me a little less loca.

I figured a while ago that I needed a solid back-up plan. It’s all about the planning!

What if things don’t go quite right here. As if you are not on Tinder and looking for ‘old fashioned ways’ to connect with people, you might just not make it.

Who else to ask, then my GBFF gay best friend (and the last F stands for forever if you are not familiar with a language of the youth or didn’t watch any romantic comedy with less than 3,5 stars on IMDB).

He is pretty awesome. He doesn’t think so but there is so much wiseness hidden behind all the insecurities.

Knowing how bummed I was earlier this year, he came up with a (drunken) plan. Not that having kids is my only aspiration in life, but having a family is.

  • If I’m not with anyone by the time I’m in my mid-thirties, we will have few kids together. Probably only just two, as I recently went to a talk by Population matters and having 3 children is highly unsustainable! (Thoughts by my fellow environmentalists?!)
  • As he lives across the channel, we decided on two country-parenting. They will start a school in the UK for possibly the best and poshest education there is.
  • We will spend most of the weekends and holidays in BE, so they can absorb the culture and more languages. Having minimally bi-lingual (if not tri) children is absolute must!
  • The will go to college/higher education in BE, just so they can build international friends. Just as their parents did!
  • We will co-parent on the basis of life experience and try to get it just right. All I want to do is to raise few decent human beings.

He also said: “If I won 100 million, I would buy a house in London. Like the nice ones you know.. White front, black door, … And let you live in it with our two children, a boy and a girl twin. You’ll still have to go to work though!”

Nice way not to make me spoilt. Isn’t he sweet?  (Besides the very selective IVF & gender selection)

It’s nice to have someone who has your back. Thanks K for being you. I hope if you are in a solid relationship, your partner has yours. If you are single, find someone who will. It’s not to say it has to be a guy either!

Until next time,




  1. Isn’t better just wait what life brings? You never know who and when you can meet. My experience is when you don’t expect anything, you get it 🙂


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